It has been two years now that the Italian brand “Castello d’Oro” officially presented in Yerevan. It presented the clothes, shoes and accessories of premium class and for successfully satisfy the demands for those who appreciate quality. “Castello d’Oro” is monobrand luxury company, which represents the world-famous brand and its official entrance into the Armenian market in Yerevan in October 2015.

The idea is that men have never been so preoccupied by their appearance, and they spend tons of money and an enormous amount of time to look presentable and attractive, we offer them the opportunity to buy new collections from the most popular and  high-quality Italian brand.  You can find newest collections in our showroom! Here is a collection that will satisfy the needs of demanding customers. Besides the presented assortment, we pay attention to interior design.

You will enjoy the showroom and its calm and impressive interior, high quality services and individual approach to guests. The pleasing atmosphere and impressive interior give visitors an assurance of quality, enjoy the Italian fashion and finally make a charming choice. In the showroom there are men's classic, fashionable suits, jumpers, trousers, shirts, shoes, belts, socks, ties and other accessories.

We present

Resizing Clothes

Shipping to the specified address.

Our peculiarity

The big range of elegant and contemporary clothing

Shoes and accessories from exotic leather


"Castello d'Oro" brand and its talented designers present completely new products every year, which is consistent with the classic addition to existing products, and "smart casual" style lovers will receive a relaxed, elegant and stylish look.


Despite the development of modern technology, "Castello d'Oro" preference for the brand handmade clothing and footwear models, while only a winter coat of cashmere, wool and hides the natural origin.


The new collection