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Italy is the center of world fashion, and several years ago another luxury brand Castello d'Oro or "Golden Castle" was founded. From the very first day of its foundation the brand was highly appreciated and became one of the most recognizable international trademark. Initially, the main direction of the Castello d'Oro was the tailoring of male's classic suits, shirts and coats to order. The brand's founders and designers of clothes made a stylish accent on classic clothes and accessories that were oriented towards business class consumers and conveyed the perfect elegance. All the clothes were handmade and were made for individual orders. The approach and quality of clothes and accessories of the manufacturer acquired a unique style that attracted more and more supporters every month. Later the company underwent a rebranding and, wishing to expand the audience of the brand's fans, Castello d'Oro changed its concept, and the collection included knitwear, leather accessories, denim clothes. The garment manufacture of Castello d'Oro is located in Italy, in particular in Lombardy, Vicenza and Tuscany. Here, both clothes are created, and the design is being developed, the buttons of own production are used, as well as other related accessories. Costumes made for man by Castello d'Oro are known worldwide for their high quality, using the best fabrics and leather from around the world. That's why this brand is highly valued by famous people and by those appreciate the exclusivity and elegance of hand-made things. Exclusive materials are used in the production of costumes by Castello d'Oro and a number of talented craftsmen are attracted. Despite the development of modern technologies, Castello d'Oro, the brand gives preference to handmade models of clothes and accessories. Winter clothing for men is made from cashmere, wool and leather. Belts and other accessories are handmade from all pieces of leather, and the shoes are painted and polished by hand, without modern equipment. For sewing costumes, the best types of materials are used, the fabrics of the fashion houses Loro Piana and Dormeuil, silk of the house Carriagi, as well as knitwear, cashmere, cotton, camel wool, From natural ostrich and crocodile skin. Crocodile skin is also used for creating related clothing details. The perfect cut is emphasized by the perfect combinations of clean lines, stylish solutions and exclusive fabrics. The brand Castello d'Oro is the official partner of the famous Italian sports clubs. The clothes of the well-known brand are worn by football players, hockey players, judoists and other sportsmen. The brand Castello d'Oro and its talented designers each year presented new models that allow for lovers "smart casual" will get an elegant and unconstrained image.

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